You probably have some basic weekly house maintenance that you do without skipping a session, and still wonder how dirt and other contaminants still penetrate inside your house. You can assess this by giving a try in an air duct cleaning cost and see for yourself the dirt that has been accumulating inside your air duct. This is because grimes and dirt have a bad habit of collecting in strangest places you probably have skipped inspecting in your cleaning sessions multiple times.  

There is a need to check all the areas in your house because if left uncleaned, these places will get pretty gross that they may accumulate bacteria, allergens, molds, etc. that may cause illnesses and allergies to you and your family.  

Handles and doorknobs 

Think about how often you and anyone in the house touch the handles and doorknobs. It’s pretty gross when you get to see how much bacteria these areas accumulate because they are sometimes overlooked during cleaning sessions. Take notice of these materials most especially your bathroom handles and doorknobs. 

Smartphones and other gadgets that you often use 

Nearly all people in the world bring with them their gadgets wherever they go. Whenever you travel to different places and even move inside your house – you carry with you your cellphones. Before you sleep, you touch your phone; after going to the toilet, you touch your phone; before and after eating, you touch your phone – and you don’t even think about cleaning it! Your smartphones are probably the most used object that you have with you, so make sure they are clean. You can do this with a microfiber cloth slightly wet by an alcohol for a fast cleaning session.  

Pet toys 

If you like animals, you probably have provided your pets with their toys to play. Think about how often you let your dogs lick your face and hands. While dogs do not have ultra-clean mouths as we’d always hope they did, their pet toys also have a lot of bacteria that also contribute to your pet’s mouth bacteria build-up. Pet toys can just be cleaned using your usual, common cleaning solution. So, there are no reasons not to include them in your next cleaning session. 

Heater vents 

The EPA  recommends cleaning your vents whenever it is necessary so homeowners just clean them once a year. Well, you vent is probably the dirtiest place you have in your house as it purifies the air pollutants inside your home. Clean them as often as possible to avoid accumulating more dirt, dust, allergens, and debris inside them.  


There are many places in your house that are overlooked and skipped by homeowners during their cleaning schedule. We mentioned four such as handles and doorknobs, smartphones and gadgets, heater vents, and pet toys. These objects can be a safe haven by many bacteria and dirt. So, next time when you are cleaning your house, do not skip these areas to make sure that your house is completely cleaned.